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return to first blog love Jul. 5th, 2014 @ 11:16 am
Face Book has run its course for me so I find myself coming home to the familiar place where mind mind used to wander the dark corridors. I am Baaacck!
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» another six years later
I dont believe this is still here!
» And 4 years later
i have nothing to add at this time...
» The Life Cycle of a Beer Buzz
The first beer should be drank as fast as possible because it is a nusance and doesen't taste good yet.
Thoughts are as they have been all day except you are now in the countdown to uephoria and the first beer is the ribbon cutting ceremony.
For some reason kids see a grownup drinking one beer and they already assume you are drunk.Then they act surprized when they discover your not yet...

The second beer you begin to unwind and conversation becomes a little more casual.The anxious feeling tones down and happiness is on the horizon.
This is a time when people are still treating you like your still on your first beer, and it is a little akward, cause you can notice the difference.
Your wife starts to look at you differently as if she is observing an eclipse of Dr Jeckle/Mr Hyde taking place on the couch.

The third beer is the one where things really start to change, for some unknown reason, your wife thinks you are getting drunk and will start to ask you really dumb questions.But she doesent realize you are nowhere near inebriated so you just play along with her odd inquisitions such as "If we split up and my sister blah blah"You get the picture...

The fourth beer is where you really start to feel it kick in and thank GOD after the day you have had.This is happy hour at home. The prime time of the evening occurs right now because you still have enough balance and dexterity to be somewhat normal and carry on lively disscussions of complex subject matter while feeling the sweet fangs of that false euphoria coarse through your veins.The radar sceen goes off and the good times commence...

The fifth beer is the equivelent of being at the mall with $1000 and 20 minutes before the store closes.So the best thing to do is forghet about it and keep on partying.

The sixth beer is last call for alcohol but you do not realize it until the beer store has already closed and the wife has hid the car keys anyway, plus you are out of ciggerettes.So now this deep depression sinks in as you realize that in just two hours you will be completly sober again.On top of that your wife reiterates the same "Sister question" but substitutes one of her friends to see if you are going to give a different answer just because you have drank all the beer.Does she really think the real you will come out and say"If we split up, I am going to be banging BOTH of them!. There! Are you happy now dear? Can I go to sleep now"Then she expects me to become very romantic immediatly after that inquisition...

"Alright kids, time for bed!"

Thus is the lifecycle of a sixpack of beer at home with the wife and kids.
» Nothing but forced concern
Today i have had a synapse collapse, no matter what i think of everything just seems MT inside.
The very limitations of being human is frustrating so now i must lower my standards as i am unable to achieve what my imagination teases me with.You can only go so high then you must go back down, plain and simple.After achieving high levels of fitness, well-being, intellect, wealth and health there comes a time when it's just the end of that plane of consciousness.Some people do not deal with this phenomenon very well, but i have a plan.First i will fast for four days, then i will spend every dime i have so that i will be broke.Then i will quit my job, divorce my wife and live on the streets for a few months in a dilapidated part of some big city with lots of grease and grime.After that i should be good as new. what do u think?If i only had a holodeck then i could achieve this without the actual cost of such trauma.Maybe i can do it by meditation...hmmnn.
» posting
I am appalled at the lack of peoples ability to seek truth in their daily lives with a sense
of logic and fairness.Many seem to subscribe to ridiculous points of view that with a little inspection can be easily disproven.It seems they are going through a menu of propaganda and half-truths offered by the media and a mindless reservoir of urban legends from their dilapidated mental hard drives.Lack of intellectual honesty is rampant.
» yawn
There R Cobwebs on my keyboard, this took 48 seconds to type.
» A Long Time...
I am back to rattle some brains and enlighten(or piss off) ANYONE WHO MAY BE LURKING IN THE SHADOWS.--
The purpose of this journal to me is only to post my thoughts on anything and everything and then later go back and read it and wonder WHAT THE HELL I WAS THINKING!
Upon self examination I have come to realize (with the help of this journal) that I have an incredibly fluctuating persona that borders on hypocracy and idiocy and at other times approaches sanity...
most of the time combining various elements of both extremes. It would be OK to me if I had some consistency here but I believe I have demonstrated that that is not the case.
NORMAL--Thats right! We are all like this (delusion) :)
» The correct method involving enlightenment
I find my reality mediocre and boring at times. Then I will have some exiting thoughts
cause that's all I can do is think exiting. There is not enough money to act out all the fun things I think of. Wow I haven't been here in a while...
Look at the DATE! Damn it boy.
Looking back at my previous post, I have concluded that I must have suffered the loss of numerous brain cells. How many is to many? Well I am sitting here typing this, but any moron can do that. Hmmm. Maybe I am delusioned and the truth is that my brain is in a state of logical hybernation. Hmmm. Could be to much coffee and ciggerettes. Hmmm. The quality of my wit has obviously suffered some catastrophic failure. Yeeeaa. Thats it, I am just in a ****-ed up mood and this post is a reflection of nothingness- a void that emanates from my soul.
Wait a minute- a void cannot emanate anything, that's why it's a void. But according to physicist, the anti-matter(which is the therorized strong force in the universe) accounts for 90 percent of all that we do not see. You have sun,stars,moon,earth and everything on it-then you have the nothingness of antimatter. But it is really something, it's just that scientist cannot readily measure and verify it's existance. THIS is where my mind mind is at the present.
» Technobabble
Ok, first before I get started I have to have a cigarette.

Society-He's a good guy,normal in most respects but with a tendency to over-analyze.
Me-Ha! Ha!
Me-Hello, (Oh yea, I am supposed to derive what you are saying to me through my own thoughts?)
Things I thought I'd never do but did:
1)Write in an LJ
2)Drive a Mini-Van
3)Think like my Dad
4)Be an opinionated fool
5)Get out of shape and back in again
6)Wallow in self pity-if only for three seconds
7)Work with super computers
8)Finish college and get a job not really related to what I studied for
9)Put on paper a financial plan detailing my budget until I am 90 years old
(knowing I will not stick to it.)
10)Be happily married for years on end.
11)Be guilt free-yet cautious
12)Be supremely confident-yet cautious
13)Have no complaints-despite the right and opportunity to do so
14)Not care what anyone else thinks
15)Say it's only money
16)Get off of drugs and alcohol with no help from anyone-it was no big deal really.
17)Not read LJ every day-and be OK with that
18)Hop a train like a hobo and be homeless for three months.
19)Make the board of regents honor roll-La Dee Da...Ho Hum
20)Make a woman the happiest person on earth-according to her!
21)Finish this list
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